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The Tournament Committee has designated all 18 holes on the course as potential timing “checkpoints."

Each group’s status will be expressed using the following designation:
o    Green Card = Group is on time and/or in position
o    Red Card = Group has been issued a warning and is subject to penalty at the next checkpoint

·Officials will monitor (1) Time Par – the allotted time per hole designated by the Tournament Committee and (2) Position - The time it takes a group to finish a hole beginning at the moment the group immediately ahead finishes the hole.

·Groups that are found to be Out of Position  will receive an initial warning (Red Card)

·Following issuance of a Red Card, players will have three (3) holes to rescind their warning. If the group is not back in position after the three hole period, the entire group or individual(s) within the group are subject to a one stroke penalty   

·Penalties will be confirmed with groups by an IMG Junior Golf Tour Tournament Committee member and verified in the scoring tent. 

·It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace and know if they are out of position

·The IMG Junior Golf Tour reserves the right to adjust the Pace of Play Policy.

Overall time par is the amount of time in which the IMG Junior Golf Tour Tournament Committee expects all players to complete a round.  This will be expressed on a per hole basis and an overall time for 18 holes.  In part, time par is established with the understanding that 40 or more seconds is excessive to play a shot without distractions.
• A group’s time begins when a member of the group has played a stroke from his starting teeing ground.
• Checkpoint times are measured when the flagstick is replaced in the hole after all players in the group have holed out.
• The IMG Junior Golf Tour Tournament Committee may adjust time par between tournament rounds.

A group is “Out of position” when, at any time during the round:
•  The group is behind overall time par
•  The group fails to complete the hole being played in less than the allotted time (“Gap Time”) from the time the group immediately ahead put the flagstick in on that hole (i.e. 15 minutes is defined as 15:00:00).
        * The first group(s) of the day is judged only against time par until they get into position with any group that may be ahead of them
        * “Gap Time” is subject to change and is established by the Tournament Committee for each round and published on the daily hole location sheet

A group can get back into position, thereby rescinding their Red Card, in two ways:
• Group is in position with the group immediately ahead through next checkpoint (three holes after issuance of Red Card)
• Group is on or below overall time par through next checkpoint

• A one-stroke penalty may be assessed to each member in the group if the group is not on or below overall time par and/or in position with the group immediately ahead through next checkpoint 
* A penalty stroke is added to the hole where the infraction incurred.  Penalties will be confirmed with the group by an IMG Junior Golf Tour Rules Official and verified in the scoring area.

• A player has recorded a bad time when he has taken in excess of 40 seconds to play a shot once it is his turn to play and there are no distractions.
• The following are the warnings and penalties, in sequence, for any player in a group that has received a red card who takes more than the allotted time to play a stroke:
        *First bad time: Warning to player that he or she has recorded one bad time
        *Second bad time: Warning to player that he or she has received a second bad time
        *Third bad time: One stroke penalty
        *Fourth bad time: Additional two-stroke penalty
NOTE: A player may be timed at any point during the round using the sequence above for Undue Delay, Rule 6-7 

The following tips will enhance your tournament experience and can keep your group from receiving a red card during your round.
• Show identifying marks on your golf ball to fellow competitors.
• Get your yardage before it is your turn to play.
• Read your putt before it is your turn to play.
• Recognize when someone will need the flag tended or your ball marked.
• Get to your next shot without delay.
• Be aware of who is away. If you're not sure, ask.
• Know where your group is in relation to the group in front of you.
• Anyone can search for a lost ball. Have your parents and spectators one shot ahead of your group to spot errant shots.
• If a ball is not found after a brief search, the fellow competitors should go forward and play their shots to the green and let the player and spectators continue the search.
• If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds, play a Provisional Ball (Rule 27-2).
• If a situation arises and you do not know how to proceed, play a second ball under Rule 3-3 and continue play (stroke play only). You must report the facts to the IMG Junior Golf Tour staff afterwards regardless of score.
• Place golf bag off the putting green near the next teeing ground. This avoids holding up the following group to hit while a player retrieves their golf bag from the front of the green.