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We are continuing to monitor COVID and are mirroring our policies based on the
recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Florida
Department of Health, applicable local regulations, and event policies of other leading
organizations in golf.

Please familiarize yourself with our current policies and procedures prior to playing in an IMG Junior Golf Tour event. As always, we are available to address any questions or concerns.

Please note, there may be additional policies and restrictions that affect a specific
tournament due to local guidelines. Those additional restrictions will be communicated
and posted on a per-tournament basis.


·       If you are experiencing a fever, any COVID like symptom

( or have had recent contact with a COVID positive individual within the past 14 days, you will not be permitted to play. We have modified our withdrawal policies to allow for a full refund at any time before the start of an event if a player is ill or experiencing symptoms. Please contact us by phone or email and do not come to the golf course.

·       Any player or spectator that has tested positive for COVID must not attend an IMG Junior Golf Tour event for at least 21 days after diagnosis

·       Players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer

·       Players MUST bring a mask and have it readily accessible during rounds. While not required to wear during warm up or during tournament rounds, players must have a mask available to wear as they will be required in the scoring area or when not socially distancing (>6ft/2m) from other competitors, spectators or staff.

·       Players should prepare for mobile scoring by downloading the Golf Genius app to their smartphone, available for free via Apple Store or Google Play.

·       No physical paperwork will be printed and handed out to players on-site at the event. Notice to Players (Rules Sheet) and Hole Location sheets will be emailed to players and available on the tournament information page prior to each round. Players may print copies of these documents themselves or may reference them via smartphone during the round.



·       Players are not permitted to arrive at the course earlier than ONE HOUR prior to their scheduled tee time


·       Number of players permitted to use practice facilities at any given time may be specifically limited based on the layout/size of the facilities. Any specific restrictions will be communicated to the field prior to the first round.


·       Players MUST maintain social distance (at least six feet) at all times while using practice facilities


·       Parents, coaches and spectators are NOT permitted on the driving range or practice putting greens

·      For most events, players will not be required to register/check-in with staff upon arrival for the first round. Players are asked to report to their starting tee at least ten minutes prior to their scheduled tee time. Tournament gifts will be distributed to players after the first round in the scoring area.


·       Players must report to their starting tee at least 10 minutes prior to starting time. Starter’s announcements will be made socially distanced with players standing at designated spots near the starting tee

·       Bottled water and Gatorade will be available for players at starting tees. Bottles will be pre-placed by a staff member wearing gloves and spaced for players to be able to select a bottle. Players are encouraged to bring their own bottles of water as well as most facilities will not have water coolers available during play.

·       Tees, ball markers, etc. will NOT be available. Players should plan on bringing these items if needed.



·       Players should maintain social distance during the entire round, including around greens and tee boxes.

·       BUNKERS (updated 1/1/2021): No restrictions on touching rakes in bunkers and bunkers will be played as normal, unless host facility has different prevailing regulations. 


·       FLAGSTICKS (updated 1/1/2021): No restrictions on touching/removing flagsticks during play, unless host facility has different prevailing regulations. 


·       Players will be required whenever possible to utilize mobile scoring during tournament rounds via Golf Genius. Physical scorecards will not be printed/distributed to players. Instructions on downloading the app will be sent to players prior to the first round.

·       Players will be given a round-specific GGID (Golf Genius ID) that will enable access to their digital scorecard. GGID will be sent to players prior to the round and starter(s) will have each player’s GGID available on the starting tee for reference.

·       Players are asked to enter scores after every hole.

·       Before certifying scores, players must report to the scoring area. The scoring official will lead the group through score confirmation procedures and scores will be digitally certified by player and marker.


·       Players are asked to refrain from the traditional handshake or hug prior to, and after, all rounds. Socially distanced (>6’/2m) displays of sportsmanship are strongly encouraged.


·       Practice after rounds is prohibited unless otherwise specified in tournament information


·       Awards will be handed out at the end of the tournament in quick fashion. Players and spectators not receiving an award are permitted to view from an appropriate distance and are asked to wear a mask



·       All staff and officials will wear masks on-site while unable to socially distance (>6’/2m).

·       Starting and scoring officials will wear gloves in case handling physical scorecards or other items if necessary





·       Number of spectators permitted on site at an event may be limited based upon local and/or host facility regulations.

·       Spectators are required to stay on the cart path or in very close proximity (1 step) from the cart path at all times, unless helping search for a lost ball before group arrives in the area.

·       Spectators may be permitted to locate player golf balls before the group arrives, but must maintain proper social distancing and must vacate the area once the players arrive and begin searching for a golf ball.

·       Spectator carts will be available at host facility’s discretion. Only members of the same household may ride together in a cart.

·       For most events, hand written/physical leaderboards will not be used. Spectators may follow tournament scoring/leaderboards by downloading the Golf Genius app on their smartphone and entering the specific tournament GGID (Golf Genius ID). This information will be posted at the host facility and emailed to participants prior to the start of the event. Leaderboards will also be visible via a TV placed at a central location at the host facility.



·       If you have a fever, any COVID like symptom or have had recent contact with a COVID positive individual within the past 14 days – PLEASE STAY HOME!

·       Wear a mask at all times required and avoid touching your mouth, nose, lips and eyes with unwashed/sanitized hands.

·       Socially distance (>6ft/2m) whenever possible


·       Wash your hands frequently. If you are unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at multiple locations around the main part of each host facility (practice area, starting tees, scoring area, etc.)