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 Membership Details:

    • Players may sign up for Membership before their 11th birthday. However, they must be at least 11 years of age to participate in an IMG Junior Golf Tour event. The IMG Junior Golf Tour will consider accepting players under the age of 11 based on demonstrated ability and success in tournament play. For more information, please contact
    • Juniors may not play in an IMG Junior Golf Tour event if they have reached their 19th birthday and are enrolled in college.  A Senior in high school who turns 19 on or after January 2 of his/her senior year is eligible to participate for the duration of that year provided he/she does not start college. Gap year play is not supported after December 31 following high school graduation.  Once a player starts college, regardless of age, they are no longer eligible.  Juniors reaching their 19th birthday prior to the Tour Championship are still eligible for season-end awards and honors based on performance during the season. Players under the age of 19 that are enrolled in college are not eligible.
    • Memberships for the current season open 4 months before the first tournament, and expire after the last tournament.
    • Submission of proof-of-age documentation is not required. However, the IMG Junior Golf Tour reserves the right to request proof-of-age documentation from any member at any time. Players misrepresenting their age are subject to having their membership suspended or revoked and may be reported to other junior and amateur golf governing bodies and entities. 
    • After your membership has been processed, the membership dues are non-refundable.
    • Members will receive their membership package items at their first tournament of the season. Membership package items will not be mailed. 
    • The IMG Junior Golf Tour holds the rights to its members' names and likeness for publicity and promotional purposes. IMG Junior Golf Tour members' names and likeness will be protected for amateur status and eligibility under the guidelines of the USGA and the NCAA.
    • You may become an IMG Junior Golf Tour member and sign up for individual tournaments securely and conveniently by paying with a credit card via the Web site. Click HERE to get started.